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December 3, 2009

An Informative Week

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I was going to write this post all in “did you know” statements… but question marks get really oppressive after about three in a row. I had no idea.

Anyway, things are both hectic and static here in Plyms. HOW? You ask. One shall tell. In outline form:

I. Introduction (things are hectic/static)

II. Our Situations

A. Carl’s Situation

1. Hectic

a. The Christmas program at church starts tonight

b. They keep changing their mind about the videos

c. And making him work absurdly long hours

d. Without weekend days off

e. Also, he caught a cold

f. And continues to do freelance work

2. Static

a. You know those really horrible colds where your whole

body aches and you just want to die and the world seems

like a blank place, so that even when you have time off,

you mostly just stare at the wall? Exactly.

b. I think if this is a real outline there has to be a “b”

B. Kathryn

1. Hectic

a. I lied.

b. I mean, I’ve written almost 50 pages this week, but the

nov I’m working on is pointless, because it’s a sequel to

another book I haven’t been able to sell, so really, one

asks: why? I don’t know. Because it writes itself, I guess.

2. Static

a. It’s dinner time, and I’m still in my bathrobe. Because

Carl’s not coming home until 10, and I wrote all day

b. Also I want to vomit.

c. And I think that pretty much any time you ponder whether

or not your life has deep significance, you can be pretty

sure that your life qualifies as static.

III. Conclusion (One is apparently lonelier than one supposed. HERETOFORE.)

Actually, I’ve spent a pretty productive week up to this afternoon when I sort of launched off into the brave new adventure of feeling ridiculously ill. On Tuesday I sat down, FULLY intended to work on my mystery story, and instead wrote the first twenty odd pages of a sequel to my Vicky book.

I suppose you could call that poor choice #1 of my week… Unless, I guess, you wanted to say it was kissing my clearly ill husband. We try to be healthy, we really do. But, it ends up being sort of nonhelpful because, although we might not KISS in order to halt the deadly onslaught of illness, we’re still sleeping next to each other and basically if we want the other person’s food there is no particular reason we won’t drink out of/eat off of the other person’s cup/plate without warning.

Basically, I think I just said we were about as hygienic as hyenas.

Anyway. I try to pretend that a book that’s basically writing itself can’t be too much of a waste. It’s not like I’m slaving over it or anything. Probably my enthusiasm will peter out when I hit pg 100 anyway, and I can set it aside and get back to the mystery without a pang then.

I hate pangs.

Besides the writing, I’ve been unearthing a lot of random facts. For e, when feeling too ghastly for movement this aft, I watched a documentary called “The Rape of Europa” all about the displacement of art treasures during WWII. Really interesting the way art played into the war (did you know Hitler kept a well-researched “hit list” of all the art pieces he wanted from each country—long before those countries were invaded?). The Russians not only took back what they could from Germany, but apparently confiscated a bunch of German art too… and still won’t give it back! Apparently, there have been lots of people—ever since the war—employed full time in the search for missing art pieces and the attempt to sort who what actually belongs to who.

I’ve never really thought about this aspect of culture being very involved in military history. I’m sure conquerors have always plundered… but I wonder if this is the first war where people had to give it back afterwards? (On such a national scale, I mean).


Must go. I think the plague is tightening it’s hold. As the little boy says in that great film The Biker King and the Ten Commandments, “I JUST WANNA DIE.”

Or nap. I guess I could handle that.



  1. love the outline. =) i’m SO sorry that you’re feeling so miserable. praying for you (and for carl), to feel better soon. MUCH love, friend!

    Comment by em — December 4, 2009 @ 12:28 pm | Reply

  2. LOVE the outline format! I think I shall write all future essays this way. Haha.

    Hope you feel better soon. No matter how much you try to avoid sharing food or kisses, I think it’s the breathing of each other’s air at night that kills you. I caught the plague from B that way in October.

    Any chance you will post a tantalizing tidbit of your writing some day?

    Comment by Cran — December 5, 2009 @ 4:00 pm | Reply

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