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December 14, 2009


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Well, it’s been a spiffy weekend. Started on Saturday with the fam’s arrival for a pizza lunch and a quick zip over to church for the Christmas celebration. Lots of music, lights, pyrotechnics, costume changes, and angels hoisted aloft on wires… a clear portrayal, not only of Christ’s birth, but of his ministry, death, and resurrection. Very much enjoyed!

Afterwards we hung out briefly for some spice cake and conversation at the abode before everybody had to zip off (Steve had a party in Lansing he needed to appear at), and Carl and I spent the evening chillaxing on our own.

Yesterday saw us sleeping in, tromping to church (excellent sermon on, oddly enough, the virtue of receiving (week before was on giving)), out for lunch where—contain your excitement—we ran into my favorite Redwing and his very cute little girl. Lots of other good stuff like trips to the library, the bookstore, grocery shopping together, watching a really complicated and gripping BBC miniseries, talking, reading, and on it goes.

Checked out some books at the library on both Nietzsche and Gloria Steinem. A slightly incongruous mashup, perhaps. Of c, after Carl pointed out that Nietzsche sounds, more than anything, like a drink you might order at Starbucks (decaf dolce de Nietzsche. Think about it), I’ve been thinking more about coffee than philosophy now.

Am also coming back to a zen book I’d only half read, Nothing Special by Charlotte Joko Beck (absolutely loved her first one, but this is a little slower going). I think what I find so insightful about Buddhism (as philosophy more than religion) is the insistence on nothing, on no-meaning. Obviously, as a Christian there IS great meaning in faith, but I think the Buddhists are right about the essential lack of meaning in the world, in money, fame, power, or “success;” the essential restlessness and tension in the human soul. There’s an honesty about being human in zen teaching that I find irritatingly lacking in most Christian writing, valuable though a lot of it is.

(All of those “insights” are easily found in the Bible, of c, I’m talking more about devotional or thought-provoking supplement books).

Just food for my own reflections and thoughts. I think God can probably use anything to teach or convict us. For whatever reason, he often uses zen writings for me. Although, of course, it’s really nothing different that the Bible’s recommendation to “be still and know” that he is God.

And, anyway, there’s nothing revolutionary about Christians being interested in this. Merton and Buechner come to mind.

Anywho, the Redwings just won, and we have a BBC miniseries to finish, so must dash. Hope the weekend was spiff for everybody else.


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  1. Sounds so cozy. Hurray for the delicious parts of life!

    Comment by Andrea — December 16, 2009 @ 10:36 pm | Reply

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