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December 31, 2009

Best in Show: 2009

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Just back from skating, Carl’s in the shower, and here’s my quick (read: highly randomized) list of the 9 best things that come to mind about our 2009!

  1. Weddings! Ours on February 7th heads my personal list by a wide margin, of c, but I can think of two other fabulous weddings that were also high points of the year. :>)
  2. Nephews and Nieces: including the brand new (Nycteris in September), the old guard (getting to watch Ru and G for a weekend in October, seeing the twins grow over the year, spending time with Gabe and Jojo in June, and even being able to have Eowyn in our wedding), and the new arrivals that aren’t really ours but feel like they should be (cheers for Faith and Ryan!).
  3. New places, new lives. I wasn’t sure how it would be living 2 hours from my family, but I shouldn’t have worried about it. While part of me will always want to spend more time with my family, having some distance has ultimately been so good for us/me. Do you know that happy, relaxed sigh when you get back to your home after being away? I get that every time I come back to our apartment. This is home. I love my life here. And those are good things.
  4. Being a stay-at-home wife. Or whatever term you prefer. No, I don’t think it’s the only way to fly, and no, I don’t think it’s acceptable for one partner to eat bon bons while the other slaves, but YES, I really do love being at home. Gives me time to actually do all the homey things I enjoy (and Carl enjoys not having to do), time to pursue my writing, and—possibly the best perk of all—means that basically all our evenings and weekends are “free” time to spend however we want. It’s worked out well for us. Am also incredibly grateful we even had that option, knowing the economic realities out there this year…
  5. Time away. From honey m-ing in the Caribbean to the family Disney trip, camping up north to a quick holiday stop at Frankenmuth, the year’s trips have been relaxing and low-key. Fabu.
  6. Hobbies Hockey. I asked Carl his opin of our year’s highlights and, besides the ones already mentioned above, he listed getting to see the Wings play in Detroit together. It WAS really fun, and when you add it to Carl’s games and the games we catch on TV, it’s been a hockey heavy year for me. Been curious to see if my interest will wane, but so far not a bit… although, it’s true, I’ve been known to watch games while typing. Or giving/receiving foot rubs, working crosswords, and snuggling. And I see very little cause for hate in that list.
  7. Writing. I revised 2 novels, wrote 125+ pages of new manuscripts (wrote about another 100 pages in revisions), queried 12 agents, got 11 rejections (waiting for the last one now…), and generally made zero cash. But, on the plus side, I’m getting to know the publishing system a little better, and I can tell my writing’s getting better. It’s a process, right? With only minor pity parties thrown when some insensitive soul reminds me that J. K. Rowling’s made half a billion with her good idea. Good to know.
  8. Is it weird to list culture, pop or otherwise? Movies, books, ideas, songs… it’s hard to put a finger on, but I love all the ideas, thoughts, pictures that go whirling past in a year’s time.
  9. Ultimately, it was a year of rest for me. Not that it wasn’t busy, not that there weren’t problems to sort out, but when it comes down to it, that’s what characterized the year most for me. A settling in. An unexpected peace. Comfort. And, I expect the pace will pick up a bit in the coming months and years, but it’s been a good season. A fab year.

Such is my random, unofficial list. What’re some of your big reasons for celebrating 2009??


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  1. Loved your list. The weddings, and the babies, and the privilege of staying at home would definitely go on mine, too, along with all the exciting changes at our little church, really helpful conversations with you (thanks!), and getting to help my mom edit her book to name a few.

    Comment by Andrea — January 1, 2010 @ 4:37 pm | Reply

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